Binding & Finishing

If you are looking to create professional quality handbooks, training manuals, booklets or other multi-page documents, we have an excellent range of finishing services available.

Stapling – Double or single staples

Simply want your documents stapled together? No problem. This is a fast and cost effective finishing solution.

Saddle stitching

Booklets-Manuals-3-.jpgIn the print industry, ‘saddle stitching’ is used to refer to the binding method where documents are folded in half and then stapled in the crease. It’s a quick and easy way to create affordable booklets.

To create an A4 saddle stitched manual, an A3 document is printed and then folded in half; with an A4 print folding to create an A5 booklet.

The number of pages that can be compiled in this way depends on the weight of the paper, however as a rough guide, up to a 72 page manual can be created from 18 pages of 80gsm paper.

Twin Loop wire and Plasticoil

Booklets-Manuals-2-.jpgSimple yet effective spiral binding that gives a professional touch to documents up to 250 pages long. This practical binding method is ideal for manuals as it allows booklets to be opened flat on work tops.

Front covers are available either in either gloss or matt clear covers, with back covers available in white, black, blue, green or red.

Choose from twin looped wire binding or Plasticoil plastic binding spirals.

Ring Binders

If you are looking to create manuals with durable covers, where sheets can be easily changed or lots of different paper weights and plastic folders are needed ring binders are an excellent choice. At Your Print Shop we can print and compile the components of your files for you, we generally prefer to use four-ring binders as the pages of the manuals remain in place better. You can choose your plastic ring binders from a range that includes white black, red or blue with printed inserts for covers and spines, or we can order custom printed covers for you.

Ring binders hold up to 500 sheets of 80gsm paper.